NLN Webinar Series

Donna R. Dinkin, DrPH, MPH


This program is for individuals who are interested in maximizing the developmental return from action learning experiences that are part of formal leadership development programs. Specifically, the session will define ‘action-learning’, will highlight how this methodology is being used in public health leadership development programs and will briefly describe strategies and challenges for utilizing this methodology for the development of community-based project teams.


  1. To increase understanding of action learning and how to maximize its use in formal leadership development programs.
  2. To increase understanding of how public health leadership development programs have utilized Action-Learning Projects as a developmental methodology.
  3. To increase understanding of the role of action-learning coaches and other external team mentors or advisors.

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Presented by Jeffrey L. Wilson, MSHA

In these interactive webinars, participants will learn the definition of collaboration and critical competencies necessary for successful collaborative leaders. Issues including when to use collaboration and the qualities and characteristics of effective collaborative leaders will be examined. Participants will engage in conversation about the styles of leadership and when collaboration is essential and can be most effective. The webinar will also explore the overall design of the Turning Point Collaborative Leadership curriculum and supportive materials. Part 1 will focus on leadership styles and the context for collaboration. Part 2 will focus on characteristics of successful collaboration and qualities of collaborative leaders. Future webinars will focus on individual practices of collaborative leadership.

Part 1 Description

Part 2 Description

Leadership, Communication, and Public Health: Moving Beyond Statistics to Stories
Presented by David Steffen, DrPH

This webinar recording is for individuals interested in moving beyond managerial communication of factual and technical information in public health, to leadership communication that conveys meaning and moves people to action. Specifically, this session outlines methods of moving beyond statistics to storytelling and developing personal and professional narrative, and shares resources for both understanding and developing confidence in these areas.

How the YMCA Is Responding To the Nation's Health Crisis
Presented by Terrence D. Roche, YMCA of the USA

In this webinar recording, learn how the YMCA's Healthier Communities Initiatives has provided a comprehensive process to more than 200 community leadership teams across the nation to ensure healthy living is within reach of all people who live in those communities. This presentation covers lessons learned that have resulted in local leaders influencing 26,749 changes in policies and the physical surroundings related to active living, healthy eating and tobacco-free living impacting up to 46 million lives.

Truth or Consequences: Health and the 2012 Election
James Kimmey, MD, MPH, Executive in Residence, Saint Louis University School of Public Health

This webinar recording provides the public with a better understanding of the facts surrounding proposals for changing health care and public health before voting. Health, particularly the Affordable Care Act(ACA) and the Medicare program, have become centerpieces of the 2012 political campaigns for both parties and at all levels. Because both are complicated and poorly understood by the public, there is ample opportunity for candidates to distort the advantages and disadvantages of their particular approach to dealing with health issues.